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Ohio Contractors Insurance Policies

Look at these Ohio Contractors Insurance Liability Pricing Examples!

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Type of Contractor Type of Insurance Prior Insurance Cost New Cost With Our Agency! Total Annual Savings % Savings Potential 7 Years Savings!
Carpentry General Liability $7,416 $3,874 $3,552 48% $24,864
Masonry General Liability $2,924 $1,224 $1,700 58% $11,900
Landscaping GL & Auto $18,476 $13,516 $4,960 27% $34,720
Electrical GL & Auto $15,324 $10,592 $4,732 31% $33,124
Plumbing Commercial Auto $4,980 $2,540 $2,440 49% $17,080
Paper Hanger General Liability $765 $585 $180 24% $1,260
Tile Installation GL & Auto $4,574 $2,272 $2,302 50% $16,114

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Assess Your Risks
Insurance companies determine the level of risk they’ll accept when issuing policies. This process is called underwriting. The insurance company reviews your application and determines whether it will provide all or a portion of the coverage being requested. Each underwritten policy carries a premium and a deductible. A premium is the price you pay for insurance.

Premiums vary widely among insurance companies, and depend on a number risk factors, including your business location, building type, local fire protection services, and the amount of insurance you purchase. A deductible is the amount of money you agree when making a claim. Generally, the higher deductible you agree to pay, the lower your premium will be. However, when you agree to take on a high deductible you are taking on some financial risk. So, it’s important to assess your own risks before you go shopping.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses has created a Business Insurance Coverage Checklist to help you assess your risks and to make sure you’ve insured every aspect of your business.

Commercial insurance brokers can help you find policies that match your business needs. Brokers receive commissions from insurance companies when they sell policies, so it’s important you find a broker that is reputable and is interested in your needs as much as his own. Make sure your broker understands all the risks associated with your business.


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